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Developing Ideas & Designs for Launch of Authorial Artefact

GDE 730 Week 12

How do you build, promote and tell the story of your new product?

When considering the next steps for my product/service proposal I analysed a relvant case study to find out how they are marketing themselves.

Case Study 1:

Company inception & aims taken from their website:

"Promote Safety was established in 2013 to help those responsible for Health & Safety in workplaces (even small businesses) have access to low-priced quality resources that contribute to the health, safety and well-being of all workers, volunteers and those affected by the work. There are now over 200 poster designs on this site. "

"That's why our goal is to provide

the Most Extensive Range of Workplace Safety Posters

in the Most Engaging Designs 

at the Lowest Prices Possible"

Social media presence:

Facebook & Pinterest

The Pinterest profile shows many visuals of the products they have developed and this statement:

"What do you get when you cross a Graphic Designer and a Health & Safety Trainer? A range of engaging safety posters for workplaces and schools."

The Australian-based company also provides a contact email on the page and a link to their website, both good marketing tools.

























Promote Saftey Facebook page promotes aspects of Health & Safety with focused poster designs for particular issues.  This is a good strategy because it raises the profile of the details behind the Health & Safety legislative minefield, whilst also promoting their products.  This demonstrates the service of Health & Safety guidance, alongside the poster product.  This model is very similar to that which I am proposing.  

The blog-style nature of the Facebook page posts is an excellent way of keeping themselves in the minds of their followers, furthermore, they have sourced and collated dangerous and risky photographs showing Health & Safety specific issues, e.g. safe ladder use, and presented these as short videos that again make you think about the irresponsible actions of some people.   A good way to drive home the problems and how the company's service and products can help.   Offering products Free of charge, demonstrate their passion for the cause, making them more appealing to potential customers. 

Further exploration of their website shows their exploration of how designed posters can support the message of Health & Safety at Work only if the organisation believes in the cause.  A written report identifies the need for businesses to focus on a positive culture of care, wellbeing, and positive reinforcement if posters are going to have their desired effect.  This is another positive strategy by the case study to support their clients beyond purchasing a poster and are prepared to do their research to further their company vision.


































Promote Safety are clear about IP rights and poster sizes when customers are purchasing.  They also know their audience, explaining that they can offer variant spellings depending on the jurisdiction of the customer.  

Free resources can also be downloaded from their site which provides a great introduction to their products for potential customers and illustrates the quality of any future purchases.


Following the case study analysis, I have determined that marketing for the proposed product is a fairly simply strategy; a mixture of social media marketing posting images of the poster products accompanied by free product samples or downloads, with blogging style posts that update potential clients and followers of the latest designs or focused areas of health and safety, campaigns such as 'Working at Height Week', or 'Wear Head to Toe High Visibilty Day', would help highlight the products I am selling.

In terms of the service to offer bespoke Health & Safety Poster/Literature Designs, I would need to illustrate my knowledge and qualifications to be able to accurately interpret policy based on legislation.  I could do this through a similar strategy to the case study by producing information videos, newsletters or reports.  Rather than just placing them on my website, I could extend their reach to specific industry publications and base my reports on substantiated research.  The reports themselves could be creative editorial designs that capture attention in print or web publications for particular sectors of industry with a identified high priority focus on Health & Safety.  For example  The QMJ Group, a UK media provider for the quarrying and recycling industries. QMJ also organises the Hillhead show where further advertising options would be available for this sector.  They clearly define the audience, reach and costings for such marketing as demonstrated by the screen shots from their media guide below:






















































It is interesting to note that the metrics for a sector in which my product and service could be well received, illustrate the target customers in detail.  This is very helpful to me in planning my marketing strategy, particularly the fact that most of them use desktop devices to access sector news and information, and prefer direct marketing communication over email, very little using social media.  This speaks to the middle age and large male gender bias that exists in this demographic. 

The passionate vision that emulates from the case study website, indicates the importance of promoting emotion and feeling around your product.  Health and Safety as a subject is all too often brushed off as unimportant, a waste of time and money or worse still deemed to be basically about 'common sense'.  I have previously researched the attitudes of employers towards how they approach health and safety and although it is an improving safety thanks to legislation, the HSE and the recent pandemic, many business leaders are still not taking their responsibilities seriously.  There is, however, a fine line between advising and preaching, but facts and examples help to bring home the point and purpose of getting it right, as the meme by Promoting Safety below articulately illuminates.
























Dispelling myths around managing Health & Safety, highlighting the dangers of complacency or ignorance and promoting new and evolving strategies would be an excellent way for me to emotionally connect with my potential clients through marketing my products and services.

Production Steps


My proposed products are designed to be printed and displayed in workplaces, however they could also be digitally displayed if workplaces had appropriate devices for presentation.  They could be used as wallpapers on desktop computers in offices or placement posters on workplace intranets.  Generic poster products designed and made to be sold online to mass markets, would need to be printed and pre-packaged ready for immediate shipment as orders come in.  A part-time employee may be required to administer, depending on the level of demand.  A good relationship will need to be established with a reliable and quality printer.  An online, print on demand service could be another outlet for the products, but there would not be a targetted client base on this platform, which may restrict sales.

The service I propose to offer would need a more refined approach to capture work.  Clients need to see the possibilities and understand the benefits to using this service.  This is where my working model (my husbands business) could help promotion.  A good portfolio of example bespoke products, quality photos showing them in the working environment, testimonial and metrics demonstating the improvement to staff understanding, working practices and overall wellbeing are vital for communicating the business model to prospective customers.  Word of mouth and referral will be essential to the success of the service element of this artefact.   Partnerships with existing Health & Safety Consultants would be invaluable.  Contacts and networking to promote the service at key sector events would help launch the business. 

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Workshop Challenge

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